Led Glass Film

Customized Led Glass Film incorporates LED light sources on conductive film which are laminated to glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images, and logos. 

It serves as an excellent partition, promotional tool in creating attention-grabbing displays and storefronts.

Some application examples are storefronts, hotels, conference rooms, exterior window displays, inner doors/shop windows, façades, shelf displays, skylights, boutiques/specialty counter displays, and more.

LED light sources are supplied with power without any distracting wires through transparent conductive film capable of conducting electricity. Electrical power and signal transmission are sent via the transparent conductive coating of Customized LED Glass Film.

Customized LED Glass Film can be customized into your LOGO, any text or pattern to create distinctive patterns, images, and logos. These displays serve as excellent partitions, promotional tools, and storefronts.

Customized Led Glass Film can also be programmed to flash and fade in various patterns. The flash effect has multiple control options including driver power supply, remote control, or pc interface. 

Self-adhesive Film

The transparent LED film is self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to the surfaces of existing window glass without the need for any complicated construction.

Curved Format Supported

The transparent LED film supports curvatures up to 1,100R convex and concave for curved glass or window applications. This allows a wider range of venues to be redesigned as a landmark.

System Connection

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