Digital Signs For Churches

Communicate quickly by broadcasting up-to-the-minute messages and images without leaving your desk. Digital signs replace the most popular and prominent traditional frame signs but are used more and more throughout churches. Customized Led sign technology has full-colour photo and video capability or text in a rainbow of colour choices all controlled by easy to use software over your club’s Wi-Fi connection or direct data connection.

Order your brand new, all-weather, and high-visibility digital sign today or speak with Customized Led experts about retrofitting digital signs into your Church’s existing frame signs. Our digital signs come with a two-year warranty and are a surprisingly affordable way to modernise your church with technology that appeals to current and future needs.

Church LED Sign Solution Features

Effective communication with community

Our high brightness signs share your messages, events and programs with people with the full support of full-colour images, video and text day and night.

Easily programmable

Our products are bundled with user-friendly content creation software and Wi-Fi communication to make update easy from your office.

Custom structural design

We understand the importance of the church appearance specifically the churches with the historical look. We provide structural design according to the nature and architectural design of the church building.

Simple Installation

Our LED sign products support Wi-Fi communication and we only need to run an underground electrical wire with minimum modification on your location.

Church LED Message Board

Church scrolling message board is our basic church electronic sign. It is smaller and more affordable than church LED sign, with text only option. It comes in a 128cm/160cm width and 32cm/48cm/64cm height water proof outdoor steel cabinet. You can choose between red, green, blue, white or full-colour options. It is suitable for small church within low traffic location.

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Full Colour Church LED Sign

Full-colour church LED signs are our state of the art, premium quality LED sign solution for church with full-colour video, image and text support. By full-colour church LED sign, you can show your message in a more impressive and eye-catching look with different types of multimedia like video, background images, animations and text.

This series of church LED sign are available in wide range of sizes and resolution to suit your available space, viewing distance and your preferred sign structure.

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Need help to choose the best LED sign?

Choosing the right LED sign is a challenge. You need to consider lots of parameter to choose the best LED sign for your specific needs. Visit our LED Sign basics to learn how to choose the right LED sign.
If you think finding a suitable LED sign is too complicated, simply fill out the online quote form then our LED signs experts will get back to you with the best led sign solution for your case.