Pylon Led Signs

Pylon Led Signs provides a dynamic messaging solution that allows you to interact with customers and prospects in real-time. Pylon Led Signs are controlled electronically, allowing you to change your content to deliver targeted messages that inform, educate, and motivate your potential customer. This can be done directly from our propriatary cloud connected software.

Pylon Led Signs can be designed and manufactured specifically to your business requirements. Customized Led options include:

Backlit and Halo Lit LED Signage

Backlit and Halo Lit Signs add an affordable yet effective feature to your business signage, ensuring illumination designed to add appeal and brand recognition.

LED Light Boxes

LED Light Box signage ensure your brand is being noticed 24/7. Externally, lightboxes are particularly effective in areas such as under awnings in heavy traffic areas for high visibility. Internally, lightboxes provide valuable brand visibility in reception and counter spaces.

LED Electronic Message Boards

Electronic Message Boards are a highly effective tool to communicate instant messages and ensure constant information flow throughout your business.

Message boards can be used both internally and externally, and are ideal where information needs to be changed and displayed regularly.

Electronic message boards are available in various sizes, and include single or double line boards. They are ideal for business, schools, community, and sporting events.