Smart Teaching Blackboard

Customized LED Smart Teaching Blackboard is a new concept designed for a smart classroom solution. It integrates traditional blackboards with an interactive board and touch panel to create a new classroom solution. With new technology, it enables the traditional blackboard writing to e-content and saved to pc.

It enables multi-user to operate with different working modes simultaneously. Users can write by finger, pen, chalk, or whiteboard marker at the same time. The content of chalk/marker writing can be mirrored on the led interactive panel and saved as e-content.


  • Keep the traditional blackboard/whiteboard writing habits and add new smartboard writing technology, all teachers will be fast and involved in newer teaching conditions.
  • Help teachers to record all the handwriting as e-content, directly/one-button to save and easily share to students.
  • Help students to review the teaching process easily and never miss any important notes even learning at home.
  • The teaching process can be saved in the cloud and shared as a teaching resource for students.


  • Dual OS Built-in dual OS, fast conversion between Android and Windows system
  • Ultra-big panel With super big flat writing surface, seamless writing; with pen tray and sliding lockable protection
  • Multi-touch Support 20 points touch under Android and Windows system
  • Multi working modes Supports a variety of writing modes and record modes;
  • Smart recording Any handwriting content on the board can be recorded, remembered, and saved as e-content.
  • QR share Shortcuts and fast QR code sharing supported;
  • Gesture eraser Auto-identify writing and eraser;
  • Screen share Support to display content from mobile devices compliance
  • Fast stand-by 4K AG LED interactive smart panel support fast stand-by and awake-up by the five-finger press.
  • Pluggable design The structure is with modular full plug-in design, simple installation, and easy maintenance.

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