Blink Media Digital Signs For Schools

Digital Signs For Schools

Schools and educational institutions are constantly looking for a way to make information available to both the school staff and the student body. With Customized Led digital signage, school administrators can display general announcements, event schedules, and even seasonal greetings with just a few clicks.

Customized Led signs can be updated either by the local school network or direct over 4G connection internet connections. All Led signs follow the Department of Education and Training security guidelines and our digital signage screens are constantly pen tested for security vulnerabilities.

Benefits of digital signage in schools

When the Department of Education first looked into using digital signage screens, many schools started with a DIY solutions that use a regular PC and web browser. These solutions include a USB drive and TV digital signage solution. While these solutions do work, managing DIY digital signage is time-consuming and inefficient. Customized Led provide both the hardware and software for a robust digital signage system for any Australian school. Customized Led allows school administrators and staff to manage their digital signs from a computer via a simple web interface anywhere in the world. Schools can also schedule content in advance, monitor the display status of their digital signs, and keep their digital signs update to date with the latest firmware.

Manage school digital signage from a central web interface

Customized Led recommend ViPlex to manage school digital signage content. Users can simply log into a user-friendly web interface from a laptop or smartphone. The web interface allows schools to change the content of a digital sign remotely that could be located across campus or at the athletic facilities, instead of having to travel across campus to manage the content of each screen. Users can conveniently manage this content from their computers.

Accordingly, there is no need to connect a keyboard, mouse, USB drive, or VNC session each time you want to make a change to your content, unlike other solutions.

Schedule content in advance for your school digital signs

Customized Led provides digital signage software for schools that allow users to efficiently manage their screens. One of the key features for efficient screen management is the ability to schedule content in advance. This feature allows users to spend a set amount of time on the content for their digital signs without having to spend time each day dealing with the school’s digital signage needs. Customized Led allows users to build a playlist of images, videos, and motion-graphic content for their signs, and users can then schedule these playlists to run at predetermined dates. Schools can assign playlists to one screen or a fleet of screens around campus with ease. This allows administrators to efficiently managed signs no matter how many screens are deployed.

Use digital signage software for schools to monitor the status of screens

Customized Led digital signage software for schools allow administrators to remotely monitor the status of screens.

Unlike other vendors, Customized Led allows school IT to monitor the uptime of these screens. Often, school IT teams rely on notifications from students and teachers to learn if a school sign is experiencing technical issues.

With Customized Led, staff can view the display status and playback history of their digital signs remotely from the ViPlex web interface. This feature allows school employees to quickly diagnose and fix any issues with the school’s digital signs.

The best digital signage for schools have robust security features

Most digital signage systems for schools treat security as an afterthought. This neglect of IoT security makes school digital signs vulnerable to student hackers. Students could successfully hack many of today’s leading digital signage platforms. If successful, access to your digital signage software and hardware can be overwritten. Students can display inappropriate content on your digital signs or access private information on the school’s servers.

Customized Led digital signage software is continuously and automatically updated with security improvements, and, for the technical crowd, Customized Led firmware is encrypted on a closed platform with ASIC chipsets. With Customized Led, schools can count on digital signs that are constantly updated from embarrassing hacks. You can learn more about digital signage products here.

Customized Led is a cost-effective digital signage solution for schools

Customized Led provide wholesale pricing of hardware and software solutions for school digital signage. For school IT teams with a tight budget, Customized Led does offer free digital signage software for schools. Customized Led OSE (Open Source Edition) is our free digital signage for schools. This software provides the remote management features of all Customized Led screens.

Get started with Customized Led digital signage for schools

Customized Led aims to provide a robust set-and-forget digital signage solution letting schools focus on the important things l instead of running around managing signs. With Customized Led, you can manage your school’s digital signs with ease.

There are rules that apply when planning to display advertising signs in Brisbane. You may need Brisbane City Council approval when advertising signs for your premise. The local council may also require approval for club, charity or garage sale signs. Find out if your sign/s require/s a licence and how to apply if you do need approval: Brisbane City Council Sign Approval