Digital Menu Boards

In recent years, we are sure you have noticed a shift in the way in-house hospitality promotions are run. There has been a very large increase in the use of digital menu boards. Using digital menu screens and digital special advertising will continue to grow in the near future.

Digital Menu Display Boards


Many cafes or fast food outlets use digital menu boards in prominent places behind the counter. A spot that in previous times, was occupied by printed or chalkboard menus. Every day, more food and service industry establishments are replacing their traditional marketing posters with digital signage displays. Using them as digital menu boards and LCD signage screens to show the list of services offered, specials available, or upcoming promotions.

These digital signs are also used to announce new products, introduce offers, highlight deals, announce special events, present seasonal offers, and more. They are managed with modern digital signage software, which makes them simple to edit or rotate, even from remote locations. Schedules can be created to match meal times, opening hours, and more.

Static announcements are a thing of the past.

Combos, happy hour deals, meal upgrades, and loyalty promos are now more easily displayed to customers. Digital menu boards can present products through tempting, vivid, mouthwatering, and aspirational photos, or even video. These strategically placed POS electronic display boards generate customer engagement, influence purchasing decisions, and generate desire. Factors that can translate into more food orders or extra services engaged.

Digital Signage for Restaurants and Beyond

Digital Menu Boards are popular and widespread in the food-service industry. They also have many other uses, in a wide variety or retail and service-related businesses.

The use of digital display screens is not just for fast food outlets, bars, clubs, and coffee shops. They are also becoming commonplace in gyms, convenience stores, beauty salons, pharmacies, day spas, toy stores, mechanic reception areas, and many other places too. So many industries now use digital signage.