Electronic Billboards

Digital billboard advertising is one of the fastest-growing advertising sectors, while print, TV, and radio media ad revenues are declining. Using digital billboard advertising reduces costs and increases the timeliness of advertising for your business. Changes can be almost instantaneous. Adjustments to messages and ad programs can be immediate. Going digital gives you the ability to now, instantly change ads, cycle messages or ads, include videos if you wish, and also schedule multiple advertisers on one face. This is a quantum leap in technology that now gives outdoor advertising all of the same capabilities as other electronic media like TV, radio, and the internet – plus more!


Full Colour LED signs and billboards represent a major capital investment. This is made to advertise, market and display your most important business assets to your clients. Customized Led believe it is critically important to make sure this investment serves its intended purpose. This means a reliable and high quality LED display that can advertise your business to your market and your message. Customized Led signs deliver timely information and helps inspire and build your customers trust in your organisation, products and services.

The off-the-shelf Customized Led product is priced on per square meter basis most competitively with respect to high-quality name brands. Your final LED system and solution costs which may include design, engineering, planning and installation. This variation also includes government licensing requirements.