P2 Led Modules


Model: UNIT-LM-P2-I-128X64

Indoor LED Display Module

2 Years Warranty

CE, RoHS, FCC Approved

Product Description: P2mm Indoor LED Display Module, 256mm x 128mm P2mm Indoor LED Panel with 128 x 64 dots.



P2mm Indoor led display module, 256mm x 128mm P2mm Indoor LED Panel with 128 x 64 dots

All Customized Led display modules are tested to imitate the long time operation without problems. It is the most important process to ensure the reliability of each led display modules. Led displays can be unstable after aging and can reduce efficiency. Customized Led screen aging test is a very important link in quality control and our screens can always be trusted.

The LED aging test is based on the product failure rate curve, and the countermeasures are adopted to improve the reliability of our products. Our indoor led modules aging method includes constant current aging and constant pressure aging. A constant current source is that the current is constant at any time. The communication or pulsating current source can be described as the effective value stable, but this power supply cannot be called “constant current source”. Constant current aging is the most consistent feature of the LED current operation and is the most scientific method for the aging of LED displays.

The aging of Customized LED displays is divided into white balance aging (2 x 24 hour periods) and video aging (24 hours). Totally 72 hours before packing: Aging test process of the led display screen are as follows:

1. Check the led display module to install all correct.
2. Check whether there is a short circuit or not.
3. Check whether the module is flat and neat.
4. Check whether the appearance is intact or not.
5. Use the online led control system to light up.

No other company in Australia test their panels like Customized Led, so make sure the testing time is continuously light for more than 72 hours with other suppliers.