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Permanent Sign Application – Redland Bay

Standard conditions in relation to a permanent Led sign are:

  1. Display of third party advertising is not permitted.
  2. Erect and maintain the sign in a proper, secure and professional manner. 
  3. Ensure public safety is maintained at all times during the erection and display of the sign.
  4. The sign is to be kept wholly within the property boundaries of the premises and kept clear of any easements.
  5. No flashing lights or moving parts are permitted.
  6. The luminance level shall not exceed 300 candelar per sq. meter during night time and 6000 candelar per sq. meter during day time.
  7. Each screen must have a minimum display period of ten (10) seconds and remain static with no moving images.
  8. The time taken for consecutive displays to change must be within 0.1 seconds.
  9. The complete screen display must change instantaneously (no “scrolling” or “fly-in”).
  10. Sequential messages are not permitted.
  11. Colors/shades of red and green are not to be used.
  12. The sign must not cause obstruction of, or distraction to, pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
  13. The sign must not interfere with access to any premises.
  14. The sign must not occupy vehicle parking spaces or other dedicated service areas (eg. Waste collection and delivery bays).
  15. The sign must not be visible from premises used for a residential purpose.

The fee for a permanent LED sign to be assess is $1097.00 with on-going annual fees.

If you require any further information please contact us.

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