NovaStar T3 Controller Card

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Supports dual WiFi and 4G modules and remote back-ups can be configured. The synchronization requirement is recommended to synchronize the timing of the Led modules. For specific solutions, please consult our friendly technical team. Customized Led support the distribution and sales for all types of digital display systems. Taurus series products can be widely used in LED commercial display fields such as lamp pole screens, chain store screens, advertising machines, mirror screens, retail store screens, door head screens, car screens, and screens without PCs.

Customized Led sell a full range of solutions that support remote centralized and monitoring of our client’s display systems. If you need to use a 4G network please contact our team for purchase and install options and right 4G module to meet your requirements.

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The Novastar T3 Controller Cards are the second generation of multimedia players dedicated to small and medium-size LED displays supported by Customized Led. The T3 is part of the NovaStar Taurus series of products also referred to as “T3”.


  • Module capacity of up to 650,000 pixels
  • Synchronization display
  • Powerful processing capability
  • Omnidirectional control plane
  • Dual-Wi-Fi mode
  • 4G module(optional)
  • Redundant backup


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