Led Sign Counter



About LED Up/Down Counter:
Perfect counter for production, golf, visitors, event or lap count. ie. counting the number of people passing through a turnstile or the number of boxes moving along a conveyor belt. Our counter accepts pulses from switches, relays, open-collector outputs or push of a button.

1. The counter will up-count or down-count by 1 when a customer-supplied on/off switch is activated.
2. The counter will increase/decrease by 1 when a customer press up/down buttons on the wireless remote controller or switch box.
3. Reset to zero through switch box or remote controller
4. Up/Down count by 1 from a specific value.
5. Set a desire seconds then start countdown or count up by the wireless remote or switch box.

– With high-speed IC
– The big red number in 4″ high
– Good stability, strong Anti-interference.

Digital height: 4″ Red LED
Count up/down way: switch box & wireless remote
Display range:0-999
Overall Dimension: 13”x6.4”x1.6”
AC/DC power adaptor into standard 120 VAC outlet
Mounting bracket included for wall mount

Packaging includes:

LED Counter
Switch Box
1x 7feet signal cable
1x 12 V AC/DC adapter
User Manual

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm