LED Basketball Scoring Board

This is a video demonstration of a complete working set of Daktronics Wireless LED Basketball Scoreboards. Install the scoreboards on the gym walls, plug them into a standard 120v outlet, turn on the control console, scoreboards illuminate, and are ready for a game. This scoreboard system includes the following:

1. Daktronics BB-3107-19 10ft long by 6ft tall. Includes team logo panels

2. Daktronics BB-3125-19 10ft long by 4ft tall.

3. Daktronics All Sport 5500 Wireless Control Console.

4. Daktronics All Sport Controle Console Soft-Sided Carry Case

This scoreboard package is a High School/University level scoring system. These are the TuffSport brand of Daktronics indoor scoreboards. These scoreboards feature Daktronics Patented Uniview and ColorSmart LED Digits. Boards also have programmable team name message centers. The large scoreboard features 13″ clock digits. The smaller scoreboard features 10″ clock digits.



Product Name: LED Basketball Board
Size: 1800mm x 900mm
Voltage: AC 110V – 240V
Power Consumption: 150W
Led: High visibility red, green and yellow LEDs
Operation: Cable or remote control
Words size: LDK standard or customized
Colour: Photo or customized
Portable: Yes, can be movable
Support Frame: Aluminium or steel frame support
Surface Treatment: Electrostatic epoxy powder painting, environmental protection, anti-acid, anti-wet
Applications: Basketball courts for professional-grade competition, training or sports centres. Also suitable for gymnasium’s, community clubs, universities and schools.