Novastar MRV336 Receiving Card

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Novastar MRV336 Data Receirver Card Features:

1. Power supply: 3.3~5.0V DC

2. Temperature monitoring

3. Power supply voltage monitoring

4. Working status monitoring

5. 16 RGB data groups output (can be extended to 32 groups.)

6. Load capacity of single receiver card up to 256×226

7. Support pixel level brightness/color calibration

8. EMC Passed

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  • Integrated 12 standard HUB75 connectors and without the HUB structure.
  • Single card outputs 24-group of RGB data; Temperature monitoring; Ethernet cable communication status detection.
  • Power supply voltage detection; High grey scale and high refresh rate.
  • Pixel-by-pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration. Brightness and chromaticity calibration coefficients for each LED.
  • Comply with EU RoHs standard.


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