Novastar MRV366 Receiving Card

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The MRV366 is a new receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single MRV366 loads up to 512×256 pixels. These are impressive devices and greatly improves display consistency of LED images and presents finer displays to users.

This is a new receiving card developed by NovaStar and supported by Customized Led.

Supports pixel-level brightness and chroma calibration, which effectively removes colour difference, greatly improves display consistency of LED images and presents finer displays to users. The software for the MRV366 is easy to use and enables for quicker deployment times. Most of our user’s report a more stable operating efficient and maintenance. The MRV366 is applied to the LED display synchronous system which is generally composed of the LED display, receiving a card, LED display controller and controller peripherals. The receiving card is connected to the LED display over HUB connectors. The synchronous system enables the use of connecting up to a computer to display the computer’s images and texts on the LED display.

Hardware design:

Integrates 16 standard HUB75 connectors, which makes the HUB board unnecessary. Adopts the Gigabit Ethernet port, which can connect to the PC.

Software design:

Supports pixel-level brightness and chroma calibration. Supports setting of images in the receiving card for a cleaner image. Supports status detection of temperature, voltage, Ethernet cable communication and video source signals. Supports the 5-pin LCD module.

Features Description
Pixel brightness Brightness calibration on NovaLCT supports configuration for each pixel and can be configured to remove colour difference effectively or make the brightness and chroma of the whole screen highly consistent.
Setting the image The NovaLCT software specifies the images to be set on the screen startup image and images used when the ethernet cable or video source.
Temperature and voltage monitoring The status of receiving card’s temperature, voltage is monitored through the ethernet cable and video source signals can be detected.
LCD module support Supports general 5-pin LCD modules. The LCD module is connected to the HUB board to display temperature, voltage, single operating time and total operating time of the receiving card.


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