Blink Media Blog Nationstar vs Kinglight Vs Nichia vs Epistar LED

Nationstar vs Kinglight Vs Nichia vs Epistar LED

LED, the short form of light-emitting diode, is a source of light that has many valuable uses, such as traffic lights, flashlights, and many more. As per the recent studies conducted, it is proven that LED lights are far safer than any other medium of lighting. The customer‘s preferences these days lie in the customer care and after-sales services, even in the LED business. The Chinese market is famous for its top-quality production of LED lights and led display supplier, some of the top competing companies are:

NationStar LED

In the business for LEDs, the company, founded in the year 1969 which was later involved in the LED production in the year 1976 is a Chinese LED venture that is famously known to manufacture high levels of LED-related components and applications on a national basis. Taking the statistics of the company, the firm has an estimated annual growth rate of 20% which has been consecutively achieved over the past 10 years of their working experience. Moreover, in consideration of the expertise, the firm comprises several skilled workforces including 700 top-level technicians as well as engineers, to add to that, NationStar LED also has the expertise, approximately from the 15 Ph.D. and 150 Masters level employees. The company has made its place in the world’s 8th company to acquire market shares and generate revenues. NationStar has even contributed in the field to further enhance their skills, adding to that; the venture has also been seen investing in Research & Development for the betterment of the company. Currently, the firm is known to be the pioneers of the deployment strategy which states, market internationalization, high-tech, production scale, and sophistication are the key to a bright future.

Kinglight LED

LED indoor and outdoor full-color advertising display, LED transparent screen, LED stage rental display, LED stadium screen, etc. Creative series products, such as: LED transparent screen, LED flexible display, LED spherical display, bar DJ table, triangle screen, etc. The company always adheres to the concept of “winning customers with service” to serve customers. We wholeheartedly provide you with comprehensive pre-sales technical consultation, according to the objective requirements of you and all parties, we provide the most suitable product solution for you, reduce your investment risk and increase your profit return space. In the product manufacturing process, we will report the production process for you at any time, and accept the customer’s full supervision, and do the necessary product training. After the product is sold, we will establish a special customer file, regularly track the product usage, regular inspections, maintenance, respond to your questions, and complete it within a time limit.

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