Huidu HD-C15

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The Huidui HD-C15 requires a compatible HUB card to connect to your Led Modules.

Click here for compatible: Led Hub Cards

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The Huidu Controller Cards come in a few different models HD-C15/C15C/C35. These controller cards are asynchronous and Huidu’s 3rd generation LED product lineup.

The following lists the controller cards and the maximum supporting pixel pitch:

  • HD- C15: 384*320 pixel support
  • HD-C15C: 384*320 pixel support
  • HD-C15C: 384*320 pixel support
  • HD-C35: 1024*512 pixel support


Huidu Controller Cards can be used with one or more supporting receiving cards. Each controller card can be equipped with an optional Wi-Fi or 3g/4g module for an internet controlled cluster. Huidu supports video hard decoding at 60Hz output. All controller cards come with factory 4 GB Memory and support expanding the memory with u-disk. Huidu controller cards typically run Android OS and the C15 range come embedded with a Quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU @ 1.6GHz.

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